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Posted on 26 Jul 2012 at 8:06am

Leo as a Friend: You are a sincere and good friend. You do not need to tease people. You are very zealous and sincere in your friendships. The person is blessed with having a Leo friend like you.

Leo as a Father: Leo is the sign of father and you are the peak of fatherhood expressing your love to your children. You are a kind, loving, loyal and a splendid father in different ways. You are enthusiastic and always have a childlike quality. You are attached with high expectations from your children. Do not harsh with your children and set guidelines for them to learn and live life but not tend to spend life with your strict behavior.

Leo as a Mother: Leo mother shares the same qualities as the father’s attitudes towards her children. She has great ability to manage the boys better than the girls. She will also organize the lives of her children to the fullest with out-door activities. Her enthusiasm for motherhood will grow as she become used to the role.

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