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Posted on 30 Jul 2012 at 5:21am

A Leo is generous and open handed but an Arian is open to life. Both of them have same likes and dislikes, they both crave for fun, romance, excitement and adventure. A Leo respects the requirement for freedom of an Arian because an Arian does not interfere much in the life of a Leo. Aries will love the charisma and ideas of the Leo. They have to face some problems in their compatibility field because both are egotistical. If both of them learn to compromise with each other then there will a good match between them.

Compatibility of Leo Man and Aries Woman
According to Astrology this love match is almost a perfect one. His strong personality will attract and fascinate her desire to explore the unknown. The relationship of both of them will be lasted for long time. Leo man will go crazy over the intelligent and joyous behavior of an Aries woman. She will be very attached to him for his romantic and generous nature. She makes various attempts in order to protect his vulnerable ego which results into sealing of this relationship sustaining it for a long time. In return he will gift her life with love and trust.

Compatibility of Leo Woman and Aries Man
The compatibility of an Aries Man and Leo Woman will be very strong and they will happily share the limelight with each other. He loves adventure and she will be happy to join him. He loves for adventuring in his life and she will always like to be praised by some other people in new and unique situations. Drama and excitement reign supreme when a Leo woman teams up with an Aries man. This combination and relationship will be proved very strong potent. They praised each other and also share everything concerning with their lives so they do not have to face any bad situation.

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