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Posted on 07 Aug 2012 at 5:20am

Leo and Cancer have varied attitude which may injure their nature and mood. Leo is a good leader and want to spend his life in his own way and on the other hand cancer is a good follower and works on the wishes and guidelines set by his Leo counterpart so their compatibility goes well. This love match has a good marriage. A Leo feels satisfied when a Cancer a lot of admiration of him. They like the company of each other and enjoy the likes of dislikes of each other and this compatibility will not suffer because of their varied temperament.

Compatibility of Leo Man and Cancer Woman
Leo man likes to shares his ideas and opinions freely. A Leo man like to spend his most of the time with his female counterpart. A cancer woman needs love and respect from his mate which her Leo man already ready to give her resulting into higher compatibility rate. A Leo man is ready to share the problems of his counterpart when she is spending tough time. They show very good compatibility because they give respect to the emotions of each others. Loyalty and commitment are the basic components of their successful relationship.

Compatibility of Leo Woman and Cancer Man
if the Leo woman and the Cancer man learn to compromise e-with each other then the compatibility between this love match will get strong. They have different personality traits which may cause some little disturbances. If the Cancer man has so much confidence and can give her the admiration with adoration and complete which she demands then their relationship will get strong. A Leo man and a Cancer woman both are very sensitive. According to Ganesha, this love match works well if both of them put some efforts to track this relationship.

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