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Posted on 09 Aug 2012 at 8:58am

Leo to Capricorn Compatibility

Leo to Capricorn Compatibility

Both Leo and Capricorn do not share common features which need for good compatibility. Leo lives like a king and involve in luxuries but a Capricorn always wants some saving for the time of trouble. The difference in their habits will not help in good compatibility. A Capricorn lives a constrained and alone life but Leo is very sentimental and emotional. If both try to ignore some of the short comings then their relationship will last for a long time. Commitment and loyalty are the characteristics which support their relationship and help in making it stronger and deeper.


Compatibility of Leo Man and Capricorn Woman
Leo man and the Capricorn woman has to work hard to make their relationship work quite efficiently. The Leo man has fighting and spendthrift nature which is not in accordance with the nature of Capricorn woman. A Capricorn woman is reserved but on the other hand a Leo man wants to be in the limelight. The healthy approach shown by the both side will help their relationship to make progress. They have the qualities of enviousness, possessiveness which make their relationship work efficiently.

Compatibility of Leo Woman and Capricorn Man
Leo woman is grateful and enjoys freedom in nature but the Capricorn man is dull and lethargic in nature. Both of them have opposite personality traits and do not show good compatibility. The Leo woman is energetic and takes life as it comes but a Capricorn man does not like to go into social gatherings because he is reserved in nature and do not like to meet so many people. Then there is created a mismatch which cannot help the love match to work efficiently. There is only one good thing in this love match is that both of them respect each other.

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