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Posted on 30 Jul 2012 at 5:27am

According to the astrology, a Gemini and a Leo like to have fun and they also like adventures. The love match will like the company of each other. Although their conversation is very interesting yet the varied interests of Gemini may arise jealousy in Leo. Leo has the capability of maintaining the relationships for a long period of time then the Geminians. There is personality traits between which may arise conflict between them as Geminians always on the move. The Gemini has very sharp tongue which cans hurt the fragile ego of Leo.

Compatibility of Leo Man and Gemini Woman
As the astrology says there is very good chances of strong compatibility between the Leo man and the Germini woman. Both of them like to meet strangers and like to attend parties. She has very good sense of humor and her male counterpart praised her for her adventurous nature. This relationship will be quite good and feel romantic and passionate. If they will have to complement each other then they continue these relationships quite effectively and they never oppose each other.

Compatibility of Leo Woman and Gemini Man
The relationship between the Leo woman and Gemini man shows great compatibility. Both of them like to be centre of attention and also like socializing. This relationship cannot be disturbed by the boredom. But she will have to sit aside the suspicious nature and they also learn to let him have his own space for movement and in turn he will have to govern his flirtatious nature. She will have to show her love and affection and keep away herself from jealousy.

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