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Posted on 07 Aug 2012 at 5:22am

Leo are the lions who have the nature of warm, passionate, romantic and caring. They are always need some appreciation and always like to show their broader images to other people. They are not much concerned with humbleness and modesty. Leo are always trusted and loyal and respected persons. But they are also rigid and self centered persons. Their sympathetic and romantic nature and tendency help them in love relationship though he does not like to share the good compatibility with every sign of the zodiac.

Compatibility of Leo Man and Leo Woman
As Leo is self centered person and both of the Leo counterparts want to become the center of attraction and they always try to dominate each other. Their compatibility either will be great success or ends in failure as both of them have opposite nature. If they want to make this compatibility successful then they will have to learn to respect each other and do not try to dominate each other. When both of them can trust and value to the perspective of each other then their compatibility will get strength.

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