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Posted on 08 Aug 2012 at 10:09am

The relationship between Leo and Sagittarius is romantic and affectionate. Both of them share warn and eloquent relationship. Leo is possessive in nature and will not permit the Sagittarius to enjoy their freedom. Leo and Sagittarius form a charming and most attractive love match and enjoy the freedom, adventure and also like to meet new people. Sagittarius people have flirtatious nature which may arise the feeling of jealousy in Leos for which they have to face some minor problems in their compatibility.

Leo to Sagittarius Compatibility

Leo to Sagittarius Compatibility

Compatibility of Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman
Both of them have various common characteristics which help this love match to  work quite efficiently in this compatibility. Leo man and Sagittarius like to be in the lime light. They share mutual understandings which help them to have romantic moments and enjoy them for life time. With the passage of time this relationship will grow stronger and deeper. This relationship will prove to be a true soul mate match.

Compatibility of Leo Woman and Sagittarius Man
This love match has very amazing physical chemistry. Both of them like fun and they like to live to the fullest. A Leo woman is very alert and keeps an eye on her Sagittarius man because of his flirtatious nature. A Sagittarius man has very pleasant and very affectionate nature which is also shared by her and makes their compatibility very strong and healthy. If you ignore some drawbacks in this relationship then this love match will prove a great love match.

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