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Posted on 30 Jul 2012 at 5:24am

Both of them are bestowed with the strong determination and decision making power which are the common features of their personality. Leo loves to get the attention from the audience but Taurus on the other hand finds safe place among his loved ones. Both of them have to face some problems due to their personal dispositions and incompatibility. But love and passion are very effective areas of their compatibility. Both have very dynamic and energetic persons so that they both should solve their own problems.

Compatibility of Leo Man and Taurus Woman
Taurus woman is very ego loving in nature but in order to make this relationship prolong she make compromises and keep her ego aside to avoid any kind of problem. A Leo man as he is j[-known for his symbol as lion will always try to become the center of attention which results into hurt the ego of the Taurus woman. She has great ability to control her anger and give way to the Leo man. This love match will not prove bad combination as he will contain this relationship with her love, affection and dedication. A Taurus woman will amuse the romantic movement of her Leo counterpart.

Compatibility of Leo Woman and Taurus Man
Both of them have the passion for each other which will help them to strengthen their compatibility. Taurus man is usually spend thrift and cannot save money for a long time. But on the other side his Leo partner will always help him for paying some money to her for her pleasure. The difference in their attitude will not create hurdle between them as compatibility is on the higher side on the love chart as both of them think that they are made for each other.

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