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Posted on 11 Oct 2012 at 10:47am

Libra is not considered in animals and not in human beings. It is considered the most sociable and civil. Librans as their sign is scales, try to put other people on comfort. They try to create balance between them and other people and due to their quality they prove to be creative accomplishments. Librans has the quality for understanding what others expect from them. They give preferences to others demands. They settle the situation by going back or forward.

libra return to harmony with nature

libra return to harmony with nature

They have the inner sense of causing and effecting which makes Librans effective strategists. If they are playing chess, relationship counseling or civic planning they may be effective while staying in the middle of the road. Their attitude is useful for them and for others but their needs will complete to some extent.

Libra Key Planet: Venus
Venus is the planet of love and desire. This love does not indicate the body love but show ideal love. Venus is main planet of Libra. This planet is the suitable blend of colors, the right mix of music or love describing love.

Seventh House: Partners
Libra shows seventh horoscope which represents the partner. This partner can be a business partner, s spouse or any other type of relationship. This type of relationship is found there where we see how your relation is bonded with others.

Libra Horoscope Nature

Libra Horoscope Nature

Libra Element: Air
the element of Libra is air which shows movement. The element of air makes great thinkers the Librans. They show their emphasis intellectual on many functions. They have the ability to express their feelings. Their ideas and expression can be forceful.

Libra Strength:
they have the strength of grace and charismatic personality.

Libra Weakness:
they are very sensitive and ignore their own requirements which create problems for them.

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