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Posted on 14 Nov 2012 at 11:15am

Libra to Scorpio Horoscope Compatibility

Libra to Scorpio Horoscope Compatibility

Librans are intellectual, attractive and very sensitive personalities. They do not make compromises in serious matters. They show their true love but they have flirtatious nature. They are harsh and ambitious and can be succeeded in giving love and make their counterpart learning in love and passion. They like to accept challenges and risks for this reason they do not prove to be a boring couple. Their qualities are opposite and they learn to live a happy life if both of them learn to make compromises.

Compatibility of Libra Man and Scorpio Woman

The Libran man is strong to his ego and has flirtatious nature. On this ground he always neglects his Scorpion woman. Libra man is fun loving and has the passionate and affectionate nature. The Scorpion woman has the nature of taking revenge and very intense and may result in conflicts which may results into a great mess. If they withdraw from their ego and learn to make compromises then they make their relationship strong and powerful and enduring. If both of them understand and praise the personality traits of each other then they can attain the required balance in their relationship.

Compatibility of Libra Woman and Scorpio Man

The Scorpion may love with the Libra woman because of her prettiness and impressive personality. This relationship may not go far ahead as both of them share opposite personality traits. Both of them have to sacrifice and show their passion and affection for each other in order to make their relationship sustainable for a longer period of time. Scorpio man is intense in showing his love but he also has the jealous nature which creates problems for Libra woman and some problems in their relationship. ThereĀ  is a question mark in the happy marriage of this couple.

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