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Posted on 06 Sep 2012 at 10:03am

Both of them have powerful determination and decision making power which are the basic features. Leo wants to get attention of the people but Taurus always finds protective place. There is some personal dispositions and incompatibility from which you will have to face some problems. In the matters of passion and love their compatibility is in great position. If both of them work out to solve their own problems then they show their dynamic and energetic qualities.

Taurus to Leo Compatibility

Taurus to Leo Compatibility

Compatibility of Taurus Man and Leo Woman

They have great passion to give strength to their compatibility. Taurus spend money easily but do not think so much before spending his money but his Leo partner wants to give her money for her happiness. As the compatibility among them is very strong so that this change of habit will not bother them as they have the thought of making themselves for each other.

Compatibility of Taurus Woman and Leo Man

Taurus woman has strong ego and she always to maintain this relationship for a long period of time. She has the ability to make compromises and in this process she always keeps her ego at one side. A Leo man always tries to be the center of attraction which may hurt the ego of Taurus woman. She controls her anger and let him proceed forward. This love match is not a bad combination and it will continue to bestow her with love, passion and great deal of dedication. A Taurus woman always enjoys the romantic mood of his Leo counterpart.

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