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Posted on 17 Aug 2012 at 5:15am

you make some serious effort for maintaining a healthy lifestyle which will produce good results more than ever you achieved in the year 2012. You are very health conscious which will become your passion. There is no other sign of your health issue. There are some important aspects of your life like finances, career, love, spirituality and social welfare which will remain in their focus. There are a lot of good things which are waiting for them like travel, family-time, joyous occasions, the truly good things in life. You have the ability to arrange finances for your ambitious adventure this year. You may also get the luxuries of the modern worlds. Your love life and family will create problems for you. You are unable to handle the critical situations very tactfully may make their situation adverse. You should try and resolve the fights rather than exploit them. This year marriage is not good for you.

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