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Posted on 26 Sep 2012 at 8:03am

Virgo Horoscope Lifestyle

Virgo Horoscope Lifestyle

Virgo Physical Structure: The height of Virgo is medium and has muscular body. Skin is pale and forehead is wide. Eyes are attractive and eye brows look pretty. Limbs are longer but trunk is shorter as compared to other limbs. The movements of the parts of the body are quick and movements are nervous.

Virgo Health: the main areas of the body in which Virgo rules are intestines, nerves and the bowels. The lungs, hips and feet are weak areas which create problems for you.

Virgo Beauty scope: Virgos usually wear smart dresses to conceal their age. The face and expression are very fantastic. They seem happy go lucky.

Virgo Food: The favorite food for Virgos is lemons, almonds, chicory, whole wheat, black olive, lean meat and lamb. They should take their food regularly and avoid interruption during eating which is essential for Virgo.

Virgo Habits: they have nice habits of neatness, orderliness, and healthy which are leading to their routine habits. Virgos need no advice here.

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