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Posted on 27 Sep 2012 at 6:41am

Virgo Horoscope Relationships

Virgo Horoscope Relationships

Virgo as a Friend: You are a sincere and bosom friend. Your sign is concerned with service and mutual living. Hence you always need friends but you do not accept it. Virgo may not be the pleasurable but is tremendously sturdy and consistent.

Virgo as a Father: As a father, a Virgo encourages and appreciates his children to participate outside the school activities. Virgo makes his children busy in school work or in any other useful activity. Virgo father may seem a little far away from his children and do not have affection for them. He has strong ability to correspond his ideas to his children.

Virgo as a Mother: As a mother, a Virgo is strongly neat and tidy and sanitized. The children of a Virgo woman will never be dirty and the clothes will be sparkly clean. The growing years of the child may make her aggravated, as she may never find an end to her cleanliness with the irritable school going kid. She would have to avoid to overruling the life of children.

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