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Posted on 02 Oct 2012 at 6:42am

The sign of this zodiac is crab and crabs are very sensitive and slow but on the other hand Virgos are logical and patient. Both of them respect the emotions of each other though they have their own separate features. Cancer has very strong personality traits which create some problems for the Virgos but there is no danger in this love match. Cancer is practical and he likes to work practically rather than talking only and Virgo may be attracted by the affectation and lovely behavior of Cancer

Compatibility of Cancer Man and Virgo Woman

A Virgo woman is lovely and passionate and always try to make her male counterpart of Cancer happy and pleased. She gives him passion and love to him whenever he needs. Cancer man has positive imaginative power, sharp memory and attractiveness which may be liked by the Virgo woman. The compatibility between a Cancer man and the Virgo woman becomes very strong and powerful because they enjoy strong mutual understanding. The relationship between these two zodiac signs are very strong and tied with love, passion and confidence. If they control their sensitiveness and critic then their relationship will become ideal.

Compatibility of Cancer Woman and Virgo Man

There are very few couples who have very strong and powerful relationship and the love match between the Cancer woman and the Virgo man is ideal one. A Cancer woman is very emotional and dependent and a Virgo man is ready to give her the security and love which she desires. There are some chances of exchanging arguments because there are some problems in their compatibility. Virgo man is unable to express his feelings and the Cancer woman is unable to control her ever changing mood. Both of them learn from each other and share their feelings and will try to avoid difficult conditions.

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