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Posted on 20 Dec 2013 at 5:46am

From an awesome sweat, we all know the health benefits that come, but now when the holidays are coming, you may find yourself spending a little more time at the gym, along with candy, carbs galore and cookies. But you might need a refresher course on some common gym etiquette, if you’re like us and obsessed with specialized studios that lead you through your workout step-by-step.
Lucky for us, the eight rules you should always follow at your local health club have been put together by the good folks at Everyday Health. Some things may seem like common sense, like put away equipment after you use them and remembering to wipe down machines. However, there are some acts may be offensive to some, you might not realize. Sure, there’s no-brainer wearing deodorant, but to the guy bench-pressing next to you, that gorgeous floral perfume you love may not be the preferred scent. Click through to read few more rules that’ll ensure everybody stays healthy and happy in your gym and to ensure that you don’t become that girl.

Don’t be a gym brat workout etiquette

Don’t be a gym brat workout etiquette

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