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Posted on 04 Dec 2014 at 5:29am

Don’t Waste Thousands of Rupees on Online Clicking Jobs

Don’t Waste Thousands of Rupees on Online Clicking Jobs

You may have heard about such online jobs like ad clicking jobs, ad posting jobs, CAPTCHA jobs and other similar jobs that require thousands of rupees for initial registration. In fact it is one of the biggest continuous scams in Pakistan and other countries.

Those who have heard about these jobs and are planning about investing for these jobs (their registration is from Rs. 5000 and above normally) then they are going to make a big mistake that will only end in wasting of their time and hard-earned money.

We will show below the reality of this fraud.

How It works?

A fake company with few persons in their office along with official documents such as NTN no. etc. advertises in news paper that they need few persons with basic computer knowledge for an online job like ad clicking with monthly salary of Rs. 10,000 and up to even Rs. 100,000 depending on the amount of registration fee.

The salary increases with increase in registration fee. Few of these newspaper ads by these fraudsters are given below:

After the completion of registration process (surely after paying fee), the company will give you an account through which you can login and start your work on a website. This work normally includes entering CAPTCHAs, clicking on ads and so on.

After completing first month, you’ll get your salary which is normally half the amount of your registration fee and it will make you work for the second month.

Don’t Waste Thousands of Rupees on Online Clicking Jobs

Don’t Waste Thousands of Rupees on Online Clicking Jobs

Now you will inform about your several friends and other relatives about this job and your first salary and few of them, especially unemployed ones, would surely make their mind to do such an easy online job from the comfortable place of their home.

Along with this, you might also take another registration in order to multiply your income with a higher registration fee.

Some your desired friends and relatives will also take the registration of that online job by paying registration fee and this chain will keep carry on until there are hundreds of registration every month for that company.

Don’t Waste Thousands of Rupees on Online Clicking Jobs

Don’t Waste Thousands of Rupees on Online Clicking Jobs

Following is the estimate of the benefit that the company will get with the passage of time:

  • First Month: 20 Registrations (with Rs. 5000 for each registration and Rs. 2500 monthly salary)

Cash in hand: Rs. 100,000

Monthly salaries: Rs. 50,000

Earning by Company: Rs. 50,000

  • Second month: 40 registrations (Rs. 5,000 for each registration)

Cash in Hand: Rs. 50,000 from previous month + Rs. 200,000 from current month registration

Monthly salaries: Rs. 150,000

Earning by Company: Rs. 100,000 (from two months)

  • This cycle will go on.

This statistic will show that the compulsory part of this company to get going is the coming of new registrations and they’ll pay the salaries from these registration fees.

Even though the running of this business is purely based on the coming of new registrations but it keeps on doing that fraud for months or even years in the countries like Pakistan due to the higher rate of unemployment. When the people will get a considerably decent income by paying a relatively low registration fee (which they can recover around couple of months) then they’ll surely do this business.

This business will flourish for everyone until one necessary day (after about 6-12 months of start of business) when every registered person will be standing outside the closed door of that company after finding that their online job has finished due to running away of the internet job company. The office will be empty with no sign of any business or any person. Then everybody will realize that the company has run away after looting millions of rupees from hundreds of persons.

Now with such amount of money in their bags or accounts, they will never come back. The return on investment (ROI) for the company is this running away and it is their way of generating income.

The registration fee might be recovered by few old customers but most of the people will lose their registration fee which they paid to get registered for the company.

Things to Note

  • Usually strangers are the owners of those companies that offer these online jobs including ad clicking, ad posting or other jobs but their up-front persons are usually local persons.
  • A local resident can’t do that job because these companies have to run away one day as mentioned above. If someone known to you operate such a company then ask for the owner who will surely be a stranger.
  • The company will not get any money from your online job. Entering CAPTCHAs or browsing web-pages doesn’t make money. If your online job provider is telling you such then he’s a liar.
  • No real and legitimate job in the world demands starting registration fee. If anyone asks for a registration fee then he should be avoided as he’s working on the above mentioned method.

No doubt this fraud business is flourishing day by day in Pakistan and there is no big or small town in the country where there is no such company with the same method of business is operating. It is the job of law enforcement agencies that they trace these fraudulent companies, arrest their members and give them punishment for looting innocent people.

So now it shows: You should never register for any such company that offer you online job for an up-front registration fee as they are nothing else than fake. If you know any of your friend or relative doing so just tell him the fact and save them from wasting their time and money.


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