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Posted on 19 Jun 2012 at 8:06am

Eid Cards have its own glamour and charm for a Muslim among all preparations of Eid day. Eid cards are the best way to extend your happiness and pleasure to your beloved.

Eid is very special festival of Islam and all the Muslim celebrate this festival with religious zeal and fervor. There are two Eid in Islam which every Muslim celebrates with great pleasure. In different regions of the world, Eid are celebrated in the same way but a little bit different because some other things are mixed with it according to our traditions and cultures.

Muslims celebrates this holly festival with religious enthusiasm and fervors. They make arrangement for Eid by purchasing of clothes, shoes and girls buy clothes of charming colors, shoes, bangles and mehandi on their hands. On Eid day they go to mosque for offering Eid prayer and embracing each other. Younger ones receive Eidi from their older ones.

We are going to offer you some very attractive and charming Eid cards to wish your beloved.

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