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Posted on 04 May 2012 at 6:02am

Hair care products exist for both healthy and unhealthy hairs to improve the quality and quantity of hairs. Hair care products are different and are in variety according to demand and damage. Hair care products are different for man and women but are very beneficial for any type of damage hairs. We are providing you with some hair care products that are as follow:-


  • Dry shampoo: Dry shampoos are in the form of powder that is the common hair care product. It doesn’t remove the dust of hairs properly but act as good cleanser.
  • Daily use shampoo: These aren’t too much gentle product but they are strong cleansers and can be applied to all types of hairs. This is the most common hair care product that is available in all flavors.
  • Shampoo for processed hair: These hair care products are low in alkali but rich in moisturizers to provide hairs more softness and zero roughness.

Hair Conditioners:-

  • Deep acting conditioners: Deep conditioners are applied in very critical or bad conditions of hairs in almost all salons with different demands.
  • Oil conditioners: This type of conditioner is applied to dry and burnt hairs. Oil conditioner provides food, shine and softness to hairs and also causes the faster growth of hairs.

Hair Sprays:-

  • Leon structure hair spray: This hair care product is known as family hair care product. This provides shine, finishing the hairstyles and flexibility to hairs.
  • Oscar volume spray: It holds the hairs in the position for long time, and also provides strength and increase flexibility of hairs.

Styling Products:-

  • Hair wax: Hair wax is thick and sticky product, used to shine the hairs and keep in the styling place.
  • Hair mousse: Hair mousse is used to provide the volume, shine and thickness to hairs without any clump and bang. This hair care product is only applied in wet condition with comb or fingers.
  • Hair gel: Hair gel is used to stiffen and shine the hairs but not like wax as wax is thick and gel is liquid product. Hairs look thicker, stronger and harder in the result of hair gel.

Personal hair care products:-

  • Scissor: Scissor is most common hair care product for the maintenance and healthy locks of hairs.
  • Hair dryers: Specific hair dryers are used to dry the hairs in very few minutes especially in winter season.

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