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Posted on 14 Feb 2013 at 9:01am

There are various studies being taken on the sex and it is thought that most of the people involved in the sexual activities. The study shows that about 80% men are happy with their sex lives but on the other hand, about 61% women do not like and content with their sex lives. For the satisfaction in their sex lives, they give preferences to the women’s magazines in which the sex tips are given.

hot Couple

hot Couple

There will be great understanding between the couple and they know what are the ideal wife and husband who also take care of each other in every matter. The women, mostly insisted their partners for having sex for a long time. Initially men involved in the sex lavishly but after some time they do it as their obligation to do this.

There are many surveys being conducted from many institutes and they concluded that about 54% men think about sex everyday and many times during their daily working, 43% people thinks few times in a month and in a week and 4% less than once in a month.

The natured has gifted the sex cells in every person and they feel like this and arose the ambition of sex in their lives. If it is correct then the women will have to confidence in their sex lives and they can enjoy their relationship of intimacy. They should also not think over the sex desire and drive of the men.

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