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By husnain
Posted on 15 Jan 2018 at 10:00am

Hong Kong, The residence in the busiest and most populous cities of the world has become the common issue among the local residents. The purchase of the house has gone away from the capacity of the common people. The local construction company of Hong Kong, Start Up has presented the unique idea of the pipe houses, which are being built in the big drainage pipes. These drainage water pipe houses are given the name of ‘Opod Tube House’. A local company, Start Up has started working on this project. Now the people with the average income cannot afford to buy the houses in Hong Kong as the price of the houses has been increased manifolds and now the residential units are being established in the concrete pipes.

The price of the houses has been increased continuously during last 12 months and now the condition is that the price of the houses has been reached to 7 lac rupees per square feet and the price of the houses in this city has been reached to the top across Asia. The 10% population of this city is living in the cage like houses and now the ‘Opod Tube Houses’ idea has been presented, which is getting popular among the local people. These houses are made in the 8 feet diameter drainage pipes and it is made for those people, who cannot make their own homes.
This house is enough for two persons and the sofa like bench can be made a bed, when they go to bed at night. It is also added with a small shower, bridge and bathroom with necessary things and the personal things and the additional space is made for the clothes. The weight of the tube is about 22 tons and these tubes can be joined and no more time and effort is involved in the joining and making of the houses and they can be built on the road side.

The company has the opinion that most of the buildings are constructed close to each other in Hong Kong and no space is left to construct other homes. However, two or three pipe houses can be made and rest there. These pipe houses can be placed under the bridges and also in the narrow spaces.

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