Two Men And A Baby … Kind Of0 Comments

Posted on 07 Apr 2011 at 10:49am

There are alternative ways of becoming a parent if traditional human child rearing is not your cup of tea. Partners of 26 years, Mark Kirby and A.J. Sapolnick, adopted their “son,” Digby, some 20 years ago in Paris. Yes, Digby is technically a “doll” but they don’t care to refer to him that way. To them, he is their child.

His parents, known to friends and family as “the Digbys,” haven given Digby the fabulous life that every [real] orphan dreams of. He has custom-made clothes, gets to go on lavish trips all around the world, dine at the fanciest restaurants, and even had an fancy Bar Mitzvah. Also in the “pros of having a doll-child” category, Digby never talks back (or at all), never gets sick, hungry, tired, or cranky. He’s pretty much the perfect son. “We were a couple and having Digby made us a family,” said Kirby.

Awww. Now I want a doll-child. It’s good to know this parenthood option exists.

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