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By husnain
Posted on 28 Feb 2018 at 9:23am

House on the Earth

Houses in tinisha

Tunisia, There is a city in Tunisia, which is called Matmata and most of the residents of this city like to live underground houses. According to the international media reports, in the south eastern province of Tunisia, Qabis has the city of Matmata and most of the people of this city prefer to make the houses underground and they like to live in these underground houses. The dominant population of the city belongs to the race of Berbers and this city got famous for its underground houses. The people of this city dig the cliffs and mountains and they make their homes there in these cliffs and mountains.

House In tinisha

House In tinisha

The local residents of the city like to live in the traditional environment and lead the simple lives and they also want to keep them hidden so they build their homes underground. Some people say that they also keep safe from the environmental changes and the severe conditions of the weather.

matmata final

matmata final

According to media reports, the shooting of a Hollywood movie was done in the decade of 70 in Matmata and after that this city has gained so much popularity and this city became the center of attraction for the visitors of other countries. The underground house and environment becomes very attractive for the people coming from far off countries and according to them, the caves of the area and such houses, which have the resemblance of the imaginary areas makes this city unique.

Rooms on the earth

Rooms in tinisha


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