‘Sublime Sunset’ by Sara Shahid at Pantene HUM Showcase 20190 Comments

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Posted on 24 Apr 2019 at 5:19am


Sublime by Sara Pantene HUM Showcase 2019

Sara Shahid is the leading and talented Pakistani fashion designer, who has launched her latest and unique dress collection on number of occasions. She has recently revealed her dress collection showing the most gorgeous and breathtaking hues, showing the glory of the sun setting with all its colors and hues. ‘Sublime Sunset’ by Sara Shahid at Pantene HUM Showcase 2019.

Sara Presents Her Collection

The dresses of this collection show the strong emphasis on drape and texture and it has shown the quality of the dresses. Sara Shahid has revealed the ‘Sublime Sunset’ collection at Pantene HUM Showcase 2019’ in Karachi. The pictures of the dresses of this fashion house are shown with their grace and quality of fabric, which has infused new life in this collection.

‘Sublime Sunset’ by Sara Shahid

‘Sublime Sunset’ by Sara Shahid collection

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