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By safyan
Posted on 05 Jan 2017 at 9:56am

The New Year has started and many among us are making resolutions for this New Year in order to improve the year. Most of the lists include healthy habits like eating more green vegetables and exercise for more time but the New Year requires more than just getting healthy. Now, new beauty resolutions should also be made.
Even if you are an expert on beauty and skin it is important to look at your routine and check the areas that need to be improved. You will get at least few of these. Luckily, you don’t need to take extraordinary measures to improve your beauty. Following are the 12 beauty resolutions that should be made for the year 2017:

Take Your Makeup Off Every Night

The effort to remove your makeup is like wearing a shirt but it is very important thing to do. You have to cleanse your face from makeup at every night before going to sleep without missing any day. You can also use cleansing wipe in order to reduce time.

Focus on Application as Much as Product Choices

Usually, a lot of time is spend to selection of best beauty products but the same importance is not given while applying the best products on the skin while application is important to increase their effectiveness. It is important to apply all the products in the right order and don’t apply anything before absorbing the already applied product in the skin.

Wear Sunscreen Every Single Day

It is the single most important beauty resolution that you should make this year. You can protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays by wearing sunscreen products regularly. In order to prevent premature signs of aging, apply sunscreen everyday including in winters. You an also have sunscreens without any grease or chalk.

Don’t Forget About Your Body

Sometimes, we forget skin on our bodies due to focus on our faces. You may consider it enough to soap, loaf and wash your body but that’s not right. You should also use body scrubs and apply moisturizers to your body in order to keep them lovely like your face.

Get Familiar With Your Skin

You may think that you know your skin well as you know it for years but this may be wrong. You may not be aware about the undertone of skin and also whether it is oily, dry or mixture of both. Therefore, it is better to consult a dermatologist to know about these things and know the right type of care for your skin.

Make Moisturizer an Essential Part of Your Regimen

Like cleanser, moisturizer is also an important beauty product for you. It is necessary to apply moisturizer regularly whether you have an oily, dry or sensitive skin. It is required in both winter and summer seasons. You can select light formulas if you don’t like greasy products.

Exfoliate Regularly

Simple moisturize can’t do everything for you as removing dead skin cells is also important for you and exfoliates help you in this aspect. Exfoliation should be a regular part of your routine while you can use any product or tool for this purpose.

Quit Picking Your Face

If you have such habit then it is a difficult to quit such habit but it is important to make your complexion better. Make it your goal not to pick your face for anything including scratching scabs, removing pimples and blackheads. You should remember that this habit will create problems like further breakouts and even a wound.

Store Your Products Properly

As compared to decoration, it is more important to store your beauty products in a good area that helps to maintain them well. Select a place that can preserve them for longer as most of the beauty produces loses freshness and life with exposure to extreme temperatures, light or humidity.

Toss Expired Beauty Products

Another resolution appropriate for the New Year is to empty your wardrobe from expired beauty products. You should do it if the product is there for too long or there is a change in its color or smell. You should not keep the expired product even if it is very expensive.

Stop Constantly Switching Products

Using latest beauty products is a good behavior but protecting your skin is more important than that. One product should be given at least six weeks in order to view its results on your skin and till then no new beauty product should be used. The only reason you should change your product immediately is if it gives any allergic reaction.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

This resolution is very important from beauty’s point of view. A full night of sleep is not only important to keep your eyes fresh but it also regenerates your skin. You can also try an overnight beauty product if you want to improve your skin further while sleeping.


12 Important Beauty Tips You Should Make for 2017

12 Important Beauty Tips You Should Make for 2017

12 Important Beauty Tips You Should Make for 2017

12 Important Beauty Tips You Should Make for 2017

12 Important Beauty Tips You Should Make for 2017

12 Important Beauty Tips You Should Make for 2017

12 Important Beauty Tips You Should Make for 2017

12 Important Beauty Tips You Should Make for 2017

12 Important Beauty Tips You Should Make for 2017

12 Important Beauty Tips You Should Make for 2017

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