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Posted on 14 Jun 2014 at 6:28am

It’s not an easy achievement to rock all white. To ensure that your look is white hot in place of not, it really needs nude or white undergarments along with few other important tips.

1.      Try different textures

Mix and match textures if you think this monochromatic look boring. For an all-white take on casual wear, mix a white jean with a knit kimono and a tank top. Along with keeping the sophistication of the monochromatic look, the varying fabrics also add style.

Try different textures

Try different textures

2.      Match your whites

There is more than one shade of white whether you believe or not. There are lots of tones including ivory, winter white etc but they don’t always honor each other. The tones should be kept in mind whenever you’re wearing a monochromatic ensemble. Your eye should be a deciding factor according to which you can mix shades. Look closely your outfit in various lighting (bedroom, bathroom, outdoors, kitchen etc) before going out. Be mindful of how your whites look together as one white may not look bright that it makes the others

Match your whites

Match your whites

look dirty.

3.      Add in neutrals

It could be a little daunting to be all white (including bag, shoes, nails). It is because it’s difficult to stay clean in an outfit attracts dirt. If you’re not sure to pair which shoes with your white clothes, then silver or nude pumps preserves the monochromatic style after at as a neutral.

Add in neutrals

Add in neutrals

4.      Break it up with accessories

In order to show ourselves love and feel special, gods gifted us accessories. It sounds true though I made that myself. But outfit can be made or break through accessories. Create art with accessories by letting white dress as the backdrop. To make you be the focal point, try dainty pieces for an understated look or add a boho necklace to keep it beachy.

5.      Tan a day or two before

When you looked sun-kissed, it really pops to have white but the only way to go is through fake baking. At least 24 hours before, get glow with a self tanner or a spray tan which will make you stay safe from sun also. For the tan to really work on skin, few hours are not enough and after tanning you have to take bath before you can wear all-white. A white-hot mess is produced after makeup and bronzer lotions that rub-off easily. Before slipping in to white, get bronzed a day or two earlier. It will keep your tan intact and clothes clean.

Tan a day or two before

Tan a day or two before

6.      Do your hair and makeup

The focus is put on you is the amazing thing about this trend. Go trendy and fun with bright lip, smooth and glossy with metallic eyeliner or to highlight that you’re fabulous, go with dull makeup and keep it natural and neutral.

Do a bun, braid, loose waves or any other choice if you can spend time on your hair. Leave enough time for your beauty routine as when your outfit is chic and simple, your makeup and hair get more attention.


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