7 Fashion Lessons From Actress Ruth Negga0 Comments

By zeeshan
Posted on 27 Dec 2016 at 6:07am

If you are a fashion lover then you are surely aware of stylish actress Ruth Negga who will be seen on the cover of Mag January 2017 issue. But the celebrity fans would know this Ethiopian-Irish star well before as she received lots of praise for her stunning role in movie ‘Loving’ for which she got a nomination of ‘Golden Globe’. She is also known for her role in TV show ‘Preacher’ by AMC.

In modern fashion, the style of Ruth can be described as strange but attractive whether she is on red carpet or normal situation. Despite short hairs, she likes to take risks as we can see different hairstyles for her on every day. She is a newcomer in fashion but we can learn several lessons of fashion from Ruth as she informed her about love your winged sleeves and also how to get a perfect dress. To get her style, you should know seven such fashion tricks given below.


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