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By zeeshan
Posted on 09 Sep 2016 at 5:16am

Like the New Year, back to school time is starting again now that will make you prepare for the new academic season. It means either getting a completely new look or at least change your important utilities with the same look. After looking at the latest trend, we got to know that half are going for a look while purchasing new blazer, midi boots etc. while the other half is taking preparation of winter by going for a double-breasted coat. You can know by going ahead about important things you should buy now.

1. Stunning Midi Boots + A Menswear Blazer

Fashion feature editor Stephanie Trong said that she would prefer an 80s look this fall by haing blue jeans, blazers and silk button-downs. The herringbone jacket is her favorite as it covers her waist and back completely. Burgundy is also necessary to complete her 80s mom look and the last thing is Celine boots that are marvelous.

2. A Perfect Carryall

This is quite a huge bag that can carry the whole iPad but it’s not unnecessary big. This deep red shade is perfect with all black dress which looks chic and comfortable. For further matching, you can have different types of woven or chain straps.

3. Signet Rings

These are really lovely collection of real-stone rings. They are very unique and special which are perfect to use as single or with combination of 17 among them.

4. A Statement Sweater

Fashion writer Alison said that he found that he need a special long-sleeve knit in red color to survive the fall after looking at other dresses in his wardrobe. That really proved superb idea later.

5. Colorful Disc Rings

Fashion Editor Andrea said that she would not like to wear 17 rings at a time. She would love six delicate ones. These are beautiful rings that look just like candy and she would like to take all of them after changing her mind.

6. A Timeless Double-Breasted Coat

Fashion Director Callie told that this navy wool Masscob coat is according to the upcoming winters. You can dressed it up or down according to your choice.

7. Geeky-Chic Frames

Accessories Assistant Araujo said that he wants to buy thick-framed optics of designer Max Pittion in this September month for a stylish look.

8. Flattering High-Rise Jeans

Fashion assistant Alexis said that a pair of jeans by ‘Khatie’ is the thing he wants this season which is high rise crop with cool edge that look dashing.

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