Alicia Vikander Looks Miserable on Porter Winter 2016 Cover0 Comments

By zeeshan
Posted on 27 Sep 2016 at 7:15am

The bold, powerful and inventive content and covers of “Porter” were always appreciated by fans since the launch of the magazine but the latest issue of the magazine shows that it is losing its standard just a little. Actress Alicia Vikander was present at the latest cover of the magazine where she tried to copy Jessica Chastain, Emma Watson and Sienna Miller. Alicia was seen having a lovely smoky eye in the cover as she was photographed by Ryan McGinley but this look was disapproved by most of the people.

Most of the people completely disapproved the cover. DutchHomme said that the standard of the magazine has gone down with last few covers while t-rex had the opinion that Alicia was looking depressed here. Benn98 termed it as the worst cover of the magazine while zzzyao76 said that Alicia is looking 40 years old with terrible makeup in this cover and he can’t believe that the shot is taken by McGinley. Gazebo had the same view that she was looking older and unhappy in this cover.

Kokobombon said that there should be earrings and lighter makeup on her as false lashes look inappropriate for her. Velasco also expressed her unhappiness with the cover and hoped that the content will complement this cover.

Hopefully, ‘Porter’ will do better in the future after resolving its problems from this issue.

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