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Posted on 16 Sep 2011 at 6:15am

As Amy Childs left Celebrity Big Brother last week, the question on everyone’s mouth full: what happens to her fellow housemates and Lucien Laviscount?

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But we remain disappointed when he insists that the 19-year-Waterloo stars are just good friends.

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When talking about the Glamour Antics last week, Amy said: “It’s a really good friend. But I really think that is still with Kerry Katona.

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“I’m going to Sugar Hut him 100 percent, but nothing that happens between me and Lucien.”

We like to believe, Amy – that we learned that former star TOWIE, 21, has been contacting friends in 3 hours at night, asking for the number of evictions is Lucien.

celebrity big brother amy childs

Source tells us: “Amy was messaging a few people after she left her house to ask about the number of Lucien.

The Only Way Is Essex Amy Childs

“Although Amy has always maintained that its not like Lucien, it seems that she liked.

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“Why would otherwise be the information that early hour?”

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