Auction of 125 years Old Jeans for $1 lac0 Comments

By husnain
Posted on 31 May 2018 at 5:29am

old jeans

old jeans

Washington, In United States, 125 years old two jeans pants are sold for one lac dollars, which is a record.

According to global media, the 125 years old two jeans pants were auctioned  and the fans of the Levis Company bought these two pants in one lac American dollars, which are equal to one crore 1 lac and 60 thousand rupees and this is the huge amount, which is obtained from the auction of the jeans pants.

The first owner of these auctioned jeans was Solomon, who was the owner of the store in Arizona and he used these pants in 1893. But he hardly wore these pants for one time and after that he was died then his family kept it with great care as the gift of their elders. Now the Levis Company offered 50 thousand American dollars to buy these pants.

The jeans pants were prepared from the fabric being imported from Hampire and they were prepared in San Francisco and after that the jeans got the international repute and now it


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