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Posted on 12 Oct 2015 at 5:25am

Karl made the proper arrangements for his fashion brand and he worked better for Channel show, which is installed with pristine, excellent Chanel airlines terminals, which is under the dome of Grand Palais. The Channel events are managed in the cities like Shanghai, New York, Dubai, Salzburg and the coming events are going to be conducted in the cities like Rome and London. In the show, the attendants for providing ground services, are civilized and decent.

Most of the dresses of this fashion brand are provided in the bold color and style in red, blue and white colors. The main ideas of the dresses are included with long and lean, lavender beauty with big lapels, long and full released pleated skirts and black bow closure, which are shown as cloud nine. The dresses are provided with flashy prints, voluminous skirt with pant pairings and ladies coats, which are paired with matching bags and coco boaters. The girls can find this collection with camellia printed jeans and the women will like to wear these dresses, which are for cocktail fete and glittering beauties in black and silver colors.


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