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By zeeshan
Posted on 25 Aug 2016 at 11:28am

During my middle-school years, one of my hobbies was needlework. During my flight, I’d spend hours with needles and yarn for sewing. At that time, my favorite things to made as embroidery were marine life, birds and flowers. I can remember that these were later purchased by a boutique nearby. The things I made were mostly transferred to the bottom of the suitcase in order to give them on Christmas because they could not be used for much long. I never used them. But now it’s so difficult for me to find myself now as a person who spends her extra time on social media along with buy and sell sites.

Homesickness is one of the reasons but there are there are several other things responsible for this behavior as you would like to find very special and beautiful things through social media and e-commerce sites. It is said that we should turn towards essentials in order to polish and become responsible. Many people like to use unique things or things with unique designs. An example is South African based fiber artist Danielle Clough who makes designs for companies like Vans and Gucci while her more than 70,000 followers are constantly purchasing her items from her online shop.

Now it seems strange that someone passes her extra time in embroidery while most of the people spent that time with instagram or snapchat. It requires full attention and it feels very well to have a thing purely made by human’s hands. Many people don’t purchase embroidered gowns or blazers regularly and initially it’s only a good feeling that you get with them.

An example is the cashmere knit as it was once used by Rachelle Hruska MacPherson to make a wardrobe update after which she expressed her happiness to made it with hands instead of using it for mass production. Initially, PacPherson developed vintage sweaters but now she is going to introduce her own cashmere line that will be available online from October. Apart from other lines, she is also going to release a kids’ line as she likes to see children in such beautiful fiber.

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