Emporio Armani with Inspiration of Nikita for Fall 20140 Comments

Posted on 06 Mar 2014 at 5:35am

Emporio Armani with Inspiration of Nikita for Fall 2014

Emporio Armani with Inspiration of Nikita for Fall 2014

The Scene: This was the crowd of Armani being present at the EA 7 Olympia Milano basketball team and the designers can sponsor and they can sit with the Olympic World Ski Champion Christ of Inner hofer.
The Place: Luc Besson’s Nikita and the people consider that the dresses of Armani are strong enough and everyone can wear.
The Look: The beautiful inspirations have been taken from the Armani dress with sharp cuts and with the power suiting. This was the surprisingly soft collection, which has the relaxed and mannish silhouettes and all these dresses are prepared with the dark array of colors. The dresses are in the slight oversize suiting and all these are provided with the Lucite ties and big bowler hats. These are also included with the wide leg trousers polka dotted tops, shaggy furs, tiered mini dresses, pinstripe trousers and the velvet dresses, which are good for the evening and have the wearable look. These dresses are good for the wide age group and are the best and memorable dresses and these are also prepared with the pearls.
The Accessories: the accessories are also included with the boxy cross body bags, patent loafers, drop earrings, structured clutches and patent heels with bows.
The Beauty: It is added with the cropped black hair and with the charcoal eyes.
The Takeaway: It will be lucky for the women, who want to look stylish and comfortable and the dresses of the Armani women will be looked beautiful & these are the beautifully tailored fitted dresses for the women.


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