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Posted on 20 Aug 2015 at 6:34am

The climate is getting colder day by day due to which it is becoming more and more difficult to search for the fall outfits. Now you have to change your closet requirement from summer to fall and few tips are given below for this purpose.

Layering Is Key

Using layered outfits is the easiest and most effective way to change your garments from midyear to fall. But excessive layering is not the best choice. In the coming winters, it’s really nice to use knitted top with coat.

Make difference with Shoes

To suite the fall outfits, it is enough to exchange shoes with a pair of boots. Boots are ideal to wear with any type of dress.

High Hemlines

Mostly we have the thigh high hemlines for spring which can be used in fall alongside the knee-high boots. Your collection will look superb with the use of blazer, romper and knee high boots.

Tights is another Option

A simpler and less racy choice as compared to knee high boots is the use of tights underneath. It is certainly a better option for the fall season.

Replace Lightweight Garments With Heavier Ones

Using the clothes of cotton or any other lightweight material is also a good option from transition of summer to fall season clothes. You can use such material as a comfy cotton pants.


Blazers are less hot than the moto jacket or leather jacket due to which they can be used in fall easily. They will also make you feel chic.

Wrap  Scarf around Your Neck

One of the most delightful things to use in fall is the scarf. You can use a darker shade of scarf for a lighter colored outfit while light shade scarf is suitable for darker shaded dresses.

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