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Posted on 21 Aug 2015 at 11:21am

Pencil skirt can be used to make several types of smart fashion combinations. There are several things in the cabinets of all of us which are best suited to be worn with pencil skirt.

Crop Top Outfit

Pencil skirts mostly are above waist and if you also have this type of pencil skirt then it will be best paired with a crop top to get you a lovely and stylish appearance. If you are going outside then this combination of pencil skirt with crop top will really make you flawless.

Sweater with a Pencil skirt

A neutral color sweater with your pencil skirt will also make wonder. You will look really classy and attractive. You can use sweaters of various fabrics for your pencil skirt and all of them will suite your style with the plain pencil skirt.

Graphic shirt with Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirt with a graphic tee shirt will make a casual fun look, slightly different from a dressy and formal outfit. You can make yourself extra chic and gorgeous by wearing shoes with this combination. This outfit will prove to be very comfortable, flashy and active.

More casual with a Denim Top

You will get a vital casual approach after making a pair of pencil skirt with a denim top.

Shirt and Pencil Skirt

Use a plain tee of plain and firm color with your pencil skirt which will make a nominal style. You can really make it to look prosperous and fashionable despite the simplicity of your outfits. Simply put your tee shirt in your pencil skirt and tie it with the help of a belt. You can take help from your friends for this process.

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