Top 10 Models at New York Fashion Women of Color0 Comments

By zeeshan
Posted on 23 Feb 2017 at 7:16am

We saw several surprises during the New York Fashion Week. There were lots of politically motivated dresses and styles along with the release of Raf Simons own brand “Americana” at Calvin Klein and models checking their phones by Marc Jacobs. We are providing you another surprise for the show as one main performer of the Spring 2017 show made her way in the recent NYFW. It was Jay Wright who walked for 18 shows in the Spring 2017 NYFW and this time she was seen hitting the runway for 14 shows which shows that her performance was up to the mark.

But apart from this surprise, another pleasant surprise is the presence of six colored women who make it to the list of most runways of Fall 2017. This list contains women of various ethnicities that appear from different parts of world including USA, China, Australia, Jamaica, Russia and Nigeria. The whole Fashion Month is remaining and we are expecting the continuity of this trend. In the pictures given below, you can know about the details of these models who remained on top during NYFW Fall 2017 edition.

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