Kristen Wiig Breaks Out The Holiday Bow0 Comments

Posted on 06 Jan 2014 at 5:31am

During the holidays, most of the women are appearing with the dresses like the snowflake tights, round ornament earrings, red and green tartan and reindeer sweater. These dresses can enhance the beauty of the persons. Kristen Wiig is a person, who looks beautiful and smart by wearing the neck bow to look beautiful and chic. The neck bow is stunning and enhances her personality as well as makes her special during the holidays.

She was looking just like the Little-Drummer-Boy-in-the-Christmas-pageant and looks like the matador. This dress looks simple and gives the loose locks and smokey eye makeup. The dress is the bell sleeved and is prepared with the cropped trousers. The color of the neck bow was black but if she used the green or red colored neck bow, then her grace will be enhanced.

Kristen Wiig Breaks Out The Holiday Bow

Kristen Wiig Breaks Out The Holiday Bow



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