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Posted on 02 Aug 2013 at 5:16am

There is something delightfully mysterious about going the analog route in today’s age where computer experts and whistles have increasingly swept the scene.  The smooth sandals, knits, and clutches of Oakland designer Laura Schoorl were only available at our fingertips through a personal visit to a boutique until now. We are not complaining but we love the convenience of a digital drop-in-cart-and-checkout-with-ease situation as serious online shoppers.

Laura Schoorl Wallpaper

Laura Schoorl Wallpaper

Therefore we are excited with the recent launching of an E-Shop and a classy website by the designer. The handcrafted creations of the Schrool are just a click away so keep on browsing. We ensure you that those beauts are yours which can be cured with a little shopping so click on the link and start shopping at the beginning of the week.

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