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Posted on 30 Sep 2015 at 6:33am

Milan is leading fashion centers and fashion set of Milan Fashion week was dashing in which various collections of dresses are shown. The girls and women have to log on to tFS and they can look the complete collection of the dresses and enjoy the runway looks & get their comments. The designers are showing in Milan fashion week and the viewers can enjoy the passionate comments on the fashion week. The women and girls can look at the comments, which show that some people are excited and some are disappointed.


Alberta Ferretti

“She has exhibited her best collection and it is wonderful collection. It is cozy and amazing to look the dresses, which are comfortable and fresh. Her color collection is wonderful and the hairstyle, makeup and casting are all good for the women and girls.

She has given the attention over the dresses, as these are excellent. She tried the bohemian style in dresses and these are excellent. Now she is trying to upgrade her collection to next level.


She has shown her wonderful and best collection in this fashion week.

She has designed these dresses in different style and these are the excellent dresses of this season. It seemed that everything was perfect and she added the heels and bags with this collection to show it. The different colors like blue, khaki, midnight and black are added in these dresses and she gained the idea of Karl and Silvia dresses with the detail and these are perfect with this collection.

She felt surprised over these dresses, as these are modern and wearable dresses. These dresses are provided with the fine quality and the material is also good. The blue dresses are looking good and they are amazing with their style.


The style of the dresses of this fashion brand was different and it was not looking such style, which the women and girls find every time. But this collection was also good as these dresses are preppy, beautiful and fresh. The women and girls can like this collection due to their different style.

The fashion designer has clear and amazing thinking about the style of the dresses and it becomes more amazing. The women and girls can find the whole collection, which reaffirms the aesthetic sense and make this collection wonderful and stylish. The fashion designer has tried to show new styles and the work of the dresses, which can get the attention of the women. They can check their style and they can get the wonderful and different style, which can add glory to their personality. This is one of the most inspiring things in the fashion world, which can get the attention and the most exciting things are happened in creating new trends in fashion world.

This is the lovely collection and it is the real and authentic collection of Gucci. Michele is wonderful to create the new and different style of the dresses. He thought different ideas and he translates them in the different styles of the dresses. The details of the dresses are wonderful and it can change the plan of the women and girls, who are compelled to buy these dresses. The styles are unique and innovative and the details of the dresses are amazing & these pieces are excellent to buy.



The dresses of this fashion brand are not attractive and it seemed that the little girls are dressed up in the dresses of their grandmother and they also wore the makeup of their mothers.

This collection is considered very weak and poor collection and they do not take care of their substances. It feels that the fashion brand should go back to the basics and they have to check the DNA of the house. They prepare the dresses making piles on each other and various layers and accessories are placed on top of each other.

The women roaming in the street seem the dresses wearing and the women and girls will not like to give it a second look. Miuccia failed to manage this collection and the common dresses are managed to wear it to the beautiful models, they have in this collection.


The dresses are common and it seems that the fashion designer is making fun of the women, who come to see this fashion collection. They have designed these tasteless and un-classy dress, which is very boring collection. The dresses of this fashion brand are not so much attractive and get the attention of the women and girls.

It is said that who would buy these dresses. Anna Wintour will visit the show and she will not make any respect for her brand if it is blacklisted. It is said that is was aesthetically offensive.

Emilio Pucci

The dresses of this fashion brand are also not attractive and they try to make ugly dresses beautiful and appealing. It is true that these dresses are not prepared in the dashing and wonderful style. The glasses are shown in the fashion show and these are not looked well. Pucci enjoyed good reputation but it did not maintain it now. Massimo is the fashion brand but it could impress its audience and the fashion collection was not interesting.


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