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Posted on 05 Sep 2014 at 6:04am

Mother of Kelly Osbourne Her Style Icon

Mother of Kelly Osbourne Her Style Icon

Kelly Osbourne takes the inspiration for the style from her mother, Sharon. Her mother, Sharon Osbourne is the former ‘X Factor’ judge and Kelly is the ‘Fashion Police star. She inspired from her mother as her mother taught what to wear on different occasions and allowed to take the experiments with the dresses. Her mother also taught her about the fashion as she grew up.

When the Closer magazine asked about her style as to whom she was influenced. Then she said her mum. She said that her mother gave education and training of the changing fashion trends and allowed her to try different experiments, when she was young. She also said that she has the biggest challenge to her style as she wants to see her body fluctuating and she wear the dresses, which she likes most. She further added that she wore different types of the dresses with the change in time and she grew up with the time.

She said that she likes to wear the backpack and she likes the classic things. She has also the fine quality red carpet dresses. She participated in the show of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and she reached in the final of the show. She confessed that found the style to have the access to represent her personality.

Kelly said that fashion is the way to express yourself and you should keep your individuality. She wore something, which can look bad but it may be that it was the fashion and she can make it better so that people can accept it. She dyed her hair for the first time and she looked in the mirror and found it beautiful.

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