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Posted on 18 Jan 2014 at 5:08am

One look at the resume of Lyndsey Scott will have you concluding that as far as the modeling industry goes, she’s made it big. With appearance on some of the industry’s most esteemed runways, including Prada, Gucci, Victoria’s Secret and Calvin Klein, her CV is brimming. Along with a plethora of other glossy spreads, she’s also booked campaigns with DKNY and MAC. But the 5’9” American beauty has trick up her sleeve another, and with posing it doesn’t have a thing to do. Scott is a certified computer programmer, when she’s not killing it on the runway.
The model taught herself Python, iOS and Objective C, after graduating in 2006 from Amherst in theatre and computer science and ever since, she’s been building apps on the side. But on just any projects, she wasn’t spending time. To a charity which sponsors Ugandan scholars and called ‘Educate’, her first app released to the public benefited. And Scott created a method to take to castings, to keep a digital version of their portfolio on hand, for her second app. In between Fashion Weeks and go-sees, we can imagine that’s a lot of coding to do.
In an industry where physical appearance and youth are so highly celebrated and valued, it’s refreshing and wonderful to see Scott stand as a symbol of serious brain power, beauty and heart in both the fashion and tech worlds.

Off-Duty job of this model is quite impressive

Off-Duty job of this model is quite impressive

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