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Posted on 04 Apr 2013 at 10:09am

During the award ceremonies, various actresses appeared in the ceremonies wearing fine quality dresses and they also adorned themselves with precious jewelries worth millions of dollars around their neck and in their hair but now they started wearing jewelry in their hair also.

The actresses attended the red carpet ceremonies with jewelries as Ellie Kemper and Morena Baccarin wore the diamond and brooches during the SAG awards which were held previous month. Salma Hayek appeared in the award ceremony with huge bun with fold Cindy Chao Choker and during the award ceremony of 2013 Oscars, Sandra Bullocks wore the platinum and diamond Harry Winston brooch in her left ear.

Oscars Beauty Trends Bejeweled Hair

Oscars Beauty Trends Bejeweled Hair

The stylists designed the headbands, brooches and tiaras for the actresses, which they wore as accessories and now Dolce and Gabbana, Rodarte and Meadham Kirchoff designed such accessories for the parties.

The Hair Stylist Mara Roszak worked with Nicole Kidman at the Academy Awards this year and she designed the jewelry for which she said that the use of jewelry in the hair is the fresh addition in the fashion. The women should know that what kind of piece is used to wear and where it should be used. The traditional and the customary design of the jewel is quite fit for the ceremonies.

She also said that she designed the antique brooch which matched the Fred Leighton earrings which were chosen by her stylist for her and that brooch was looked quite tremendous  and fantastic for her hair. The hairstyle and the piece for hair are two different things and they should not be matched. But the beautiful jewelry pieces add style with the hair.

Women and girls can adopt this hairstyle and they can also use the jewelry piece. The brooch can be used in the hair with a bobby pins or try Tarina Tarantino for the adoption of hair crystal, tulle and Lucite accessories.

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