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Posted on 03 Oct 2015 at 9:26am

Paris, Paris fashion week 2015 is going to be started these days in Paris, the capital city of France. In this fashion show, the fashion designers and fashion brands across the world came here and they are introducing their excellent and innovative collections for the men and women for the summer and spring season. The leading fashion designer of London, Holly Fulton and Canadian fashion designer, Wan Notan also attended this fashion show and they launched their dresses in this fashion show. The models wore the dresses of these fashion designers and they walked on the ramp. During this time, the musicians played the music and enhanced the grace of the event.

In this event, Indian designer, Manish Arora, American fashion house, Nahera and Cloy along with Chinese designer, Yong Lee also exhibited their dress collections, which became the center of attraction during the fashion show. In these dresses, the navy blue, burgandi and beech color stylish track suit and living skirts are also included in this fashion show.

The creative director, Clearwate Keller arranged this show in which various actors including Jade Apinkate Smith, Emilian Vallad, Fan Bangbang, Anna Vintour, model daughter of Shaun Penn, Dallen and Hamesh Bowls were also present there in the fashion show. On the third day of the fashion week, the dresses are presented in Bohemian style transparent dresses have the rainbow colors.

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