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Posted on 19 May 2012 at 12:19pm

Prom hair style was a bombastic hairstyle in seventies which is now out of fashion. Women like prom night which is very important for everyone to impress your friend and participants of the event. It seems very important to look perfect in fashion on prom. Bump hairstyle with prom look glamorous with black or red gown.

Prom hairstyle

Prom hairstyle

Now we are presenting you some simple steps of bump hairstyle:

(1) First divide the hairs into two parts as front and back sides. Front side is narrow while other is broad. Brush with comb on top of back region with care then cover the back combed with hairs.

(2) Curl the last parts of hairs with iron or curler used for curling the hair.

(3) For making crown prominent, take two inch portion of hair, twist it and make it safe with bobby pins in back of head under the crown. Hairspray apply on your hairs so that the twist will keep its place and shiny.

(4) Then curl the endings of hairs in the front side then set on one side and spray well.

Hair Tips:-

• Take food containing vitamin A to prevent hair loss. It is mostly found in carrots.

• Vitamin E and C is essential for shiny hairs which are found in pomegranate, spinach, blue-barriers etc. Try to start your day with foods containing vitamins.

• Milk contains calcium, iron and protein which are essential elements; providing building blocks for hair growth.

• Vitamin E improves the health of hairs and scalp found in walnuts which are full of omega-3 fatty acid.

• Eat red meat twice a week as it is full of protein and our hairs are also composed of protein. It gives shine, health, beauty and smoothness to your hairs. Protein is also found in egg, soy, beans etc.

• Sulfate free shampoo gives your hair shine and moisture. You should also use light conditioner.

• Use coconut oil for massage to your hair at least once a week. It makes hair smooth, bouncy and shiny. Regular use of oil also decreases the hair loss.

• For healthy and pleasant looking of hair, trim them after every four weeks.

• Do not use hot water on hair which gives it rough shape.


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