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By husnain
Posted on 01 Jul 2019 at 10:48am

Make Up Tips

Make Up Tips

If the wedding is being celebrated during the summer season, then bride and groom have to face the challenges of heat and humidity. The summer season with extremely high temperatures, it becomes most inapt wedding season and one must avoid celebrating their marriage during this hot weather. Summer Hair and Makeup Tips for Summer Wedding.

If you get married indoors or in the night ceremony, it does not make the big difference. The women should wear heavy lehengas, makeup and jewelry but this couture can make the absolute torture for them. You can note some useful summer hair and makeup tips to survive the heat without losing the fashion.

Trendy Summer Hair

When it becomes difficult to experiment with the hair during summer season, there are the things, which are worth doing. Here are some of the summer hair suggestions that you need to consider to manage your hair during hot and humid weather.

An Updo Hairstyle

The updos in the hair are great for the summer season. It is not regular but there is lot to explore in the updo hairstyles. This hairstyle can help you to keep cool by keeping the hair tied up and you can get many ideas of updo hairstyles on internet.

An Updo Hairstyle

An Updo Hairstyle

Hair Accessories

The women need to accessories the hair with cool and quirky hair clips, jewelry and bands. You need to give some complete hair makeover and we saw some wonderful accessories and now this trend is going to stay this year too, which can give wonderful and unique look to the women and girls.

Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

Shaggy Cut

The women should try shaggy cut in order to chop your hair. This short hairstyle would not add layers to your hair and it also gives them the volume. This hairstyle will look bouncy, trendy and pretty.

The Shaggy Cut

The Shaggy Cut

Long Delicate Layers

This hairstyle is not leaving the trends and the women with long hair can give the new dimension y adding the long layers. With this beautiful and wonderful hairstyle, you will look beautiful and stunning during shaadi season with the shiny and long hair.

Aubergine Hues

Aubergine is the pretty shade with the plum and red colors. This latest and unique hair color is suitable for all as this shade is versatile and this style looks perfect and wonderful on the long and short or straight or wavy hair.

Makeup Trends for Summer Season

Now we should talk about the makeup. We know the difficulty level of stepping out in make in this hot and clumsy climate. It is not easy for the women to keep this makeup in place for over a couple of hours. The experts have suggested various makeup trends and it will help you to look beautiful and flawless.

Best Minimal Makeup

The women adopt the layering makeup, which will make your skin cakey during the summer season. It might block your skin pores, which may trigger the breakouts. During the weddings, you have to deal with the atmospheric heat and the heat, which is generated by the lightings of the venue. It would be better to keep the makeup basic and light and the women should avoid overdo or it may meltdown faster and it can spoil your pictures.

Waterproof Products Use

Everybody knows that we would want to give the emphasis on importance of waterproof makeup. It is excellent during the hot climate. This waterproof makeup will prevent untimely makeup meltdown and you do not worry on the wedding and you can get the enjoyment without fear of wear and tear of the makeup.

Finishing Powder or Setting Spray Must Use

The women should finish the makeup with makeup setting product. You should ensure that it is light and you do not feel to wear the additional layer on your face. It will ensure the women and girls the longevity of the makeup and it will help to stay in place.

Do Not Go Outside During Hot Timings

People must avoid staying out, when the sun is blazing. The women should note that the temperature is at the maximum during 12 to 3 pm. It would be better to avoid going out when the sun is shining at its maximum during the day time. They should not go out in the sun at the peak temperature timings unless it is necessary. You should keep the face mist or spray the rose water with you to keep you face hydrated in the heat.


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