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Posted on 19 Aug 2015 at 6:46am

During the Teen Choice Awards, the extremely hot weather of Los Angeles with 90-plus temperature enforced many A-list actors to rush towards the arrivals at the shady lounge in order to protect themselves from scorching sun and taking refreshments. These actors include Lea Michele, Emma Roberts, Rita Ora, Sarah Hyland, Shae Mitchell, Chloe Grace Moretz and Lucy Hale.

Few of the stars were dresses according to their comfort instead of the style. One among them was Chelsea Kane who selected a cool dress for the occasion and said that she wore this dress due to extreme weather while it is also comforting that no one else is wearing this type of dress here. Maia Mitchell is participating in the Teen Choice Award for the second time while she accepted that her slicked back hair and thin white Giamba dress by Gaimbattista Valli are also due to their effectiveness in hot weather as the Teen Choice Awards festival is long during hot weather and this style is appropriate for the show.

But most of the others were ready to suffer heat in favor of style. Willow Shield was wearing a fabulous but heavier dress which she admitted that was warm and she wore that for style and uniqueness.
Candice Patton was wearing the hot and tight Dsquared2 dress which looks like an armor of a superhero character. Another TV star Grant Gustin was more worried about taking her award back home instead of the hot weather.
Vanessa Ray was also present during the occasion where she got the reception like a pop star royal. She was happy for the love and likeness she got from the people here and also those who followed her on Instagram.


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