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By zeeshan
Posted on 13 Aug 2016 at 11:10am

Only few people can become style experts. It’s difficult to get towards our cabinets and get magical dresses if we are awaken with sleepy eyes. Now the fall season is approaching which require us to make our wardrobes full of the dress that are easy to wear and according to the latest fashion. Through this effort, we can easily manage our dress and time even on those days when we get up late.

The Resort 2017 utilitarian trend is the perfect answer to your needs. You can get a military inspired workwear pieces through designers from Isabel Marant to A.L.C. you might think that resort wear are for vacations but in fact the workwear trend is also present for quite some time and you can have them as everyday wear due to their simple style. Now is the best time to decorate your wardrobe with dresses like patch pocket-accented skirts, pants, incorporate boilersuits and zipper.

Bomber jacket is a famous thing inspired by military but there is also a ‘siren suit’ which got this name during World War II as they were easy to wear at night during surprise air raids.

But it should be remembered that style in the utilitarian dressing can be achieved with the balance of tailored pieces with oversized part and using feminine silhouettes under the dress to balance sporty look. French-knotted scarves and delicate jewelry can also be used for this purpose.


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