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Posted on 18 Apr 2014 at 7:48am

The Corporate Closet: A working woman’s 9-to-5 attire necessities

1.         The two-timer

The women, who need to have everything at their desk and they can carry that type of bag on an evening outing. When you go out for any lunch or for any meeting or attend the event, this is the perfect item to carry your documents and all other necessary things. There are different types of colors, which ranges from neutrals to pastels and you can pick all these with you. There is one favorite handbag of this season, which is Celine’s Trotteur handbag in Burgundy.

1. The two timer

1. The two timer

2.         The “briefcase”

This type of handbag is looked like a small brief case and the women like to hold such type of handbag in their hands. Although, this may give the awkward impression but it will be sufficient to meet their demands. You can hold it to meet your demands, placing the files, and other necessary things. You can get the perfect large Sac de Jour by Saint Laurent.

3.         The Clutch

The women like to have the mid sized, classic, clutch in a handy shape and style. The women and girls can select the best one like these clutches and these are perfect for carrying their agenda and making the fulfillment of their wallets. These are perfect with the playful appearance and make impressive their looking. The women can get the classis Balenciaga in ‘Rose-peche’.

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