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Posted on 07 Oct 2015 at 5:54am

Tyga shows his love and affection for Kylie Jenner and takes her to another level. They were performing at California State University on this weekend. When he was on the stage, he pulled his girlfriend on the stage and did the performance of his song, ‘Stimulated’.

According to this video, the crowd was enjoying with this video. When Tyga pulled her on the stage, then the crowd went wild and she wore the all blue Adidas track suit and white tennis shoes and made her appearance fantastic and wonderful. She was hugging and kissing her boyfriend on the stage and he continued singing his song, which he wrote for her girl friend. Then she climbed down from the stage and went away from it.

This was one of the cute moments, which this couple enjoyed and they spent lot of time with each other since the celebration of 18th birthday of Kylie. Tyga presented a Ferrari on her birthday and they went to Mexico to spend their vacation. According to her bedtime snapshot posts, they spend their nights are her house. She appeared in the music video, which is released recently. When they spent their time together during New York Fashion week, then their love was made public.

Kylie wore a ring in her finger and Tyga referred to her that she was her fiancée, which is shown in a video last month and they are still not ready to settle their marriage. She gave a message on her website and she cleared the news of her engagement with him. She explained that Tyga made fun of the instagram video, which he posted sometime ago and he knew who was on the instagram. He found his funny video there and this was the guy, who did his interview. He said that he did not care for anybody but he liked to play with his fiancée and his little pet dog.

A source close to this couple made it clear that both are sincere with each other but they are not ready yet to tie the knot. During this time, Kylie was busy in spending his weekend aside from the concert. She brought the brand new Rolls Royce, which she drove in last few days. This was the new addition to her new collection, in which Ferrari is included, which Tyga gifted to her and the cost of that vehicle is around $320,000.

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